Do’s & Dont’s

Do’s and Do Nots !

Natural Hair can be so much more versatile than relaxed hair. So many people have it made up in their head that natural hairstyles are hard to achieve and impossible to maintain. Afros, twist,s, braids, weaves and locks can be such a beautiful reflection of your own “Natural Beauty and Elegance “

The Best way to keep your hair and skin in tip top shape is to try some of these ideas and see YOUR GLORY GROW ….

Do’s :

* Drink lots of water everyday along with exercise, fruit and veggies.

* Use a Cleansing Shampoo and a Moisturizing Shampoo

*Deep conditioning your hair under a dyer 15/20 min

* Detangling leave-in conditioners along with wide tooth/ detangling comb

* Use oil such as jojoba, coconut, avocado or shea butter on scalp at least once a week. small amount.

Do Nots :

* wash your hair everyday , washing to much will result in dryness lacking moisture and sheen.

* brushing to much will damage hair and cause breakage

* please no rubber bands on your hair. ONLY CLOTH COVERED BANDS!

* By all means NO GHETTO FACE LIFTS!! meaning toooo tight braids. This will cause breakage and in some cases can cause your hairline to recede.

Transitioning to Natural Hair

Here are a few ways to take your relaxed hair to natural. Please keep in mind you should get your ends clipped slightly every hair do.

Flat Twist: almost same as cornrows, just done with two strands instead of three.

Twist Out: braiding or twisting your hair using a setting lotion or gel, you can create a wavy/crinkle look that minimizes the different textures of your hair. You can wear your hair in twists or braids for a while, then take out to wear the twist out look. This style is too cute !

Straw Set: This is a great one if you want to keep your relaxed hair.

Sisterlocks and Braids: these both can be started with 2inches of hair.

TWA : Just do the BIG CHOP keep it moisturized and keep it moving ! Teeny Weeny Afro’s are awesome!!!!